Creating the environment for businesses to thrive and create jobs in Pennsylvania

Businesses of all sizes are struggle in a weak economy. It is imperative all governmental entities reduce the regulatory, tax, and judicial burdens which are stifling economy growth and are inhibiting businesses from creating jobs and lowering the unemployment rate.

  • Phase down the Corporate Net Income Tax, which is the 2nd highest in the U.S.
  • Create a one stop point of contact for businesses to obtain licenses and permits.
  • Tort reform to improve the judicial climate, lower health care premiums, and keep doctors practicing in Pennsylvania.
  • Continue the phase out of the Corporate Stock and Franchise Tax (CSFT).
  • Ensure small businesses have a voice when government regulations are developed.
  • Overhaul our unemployment compensation and worker’s compensation systems.
  • Provide regulation relief and duplication of government mandates for all businesses.

Local Tax Reform

Property taxes are an archaic and ineffective means for tax collections. By giving local governments the ability to switch to more widely accepted tax structure based on an individual’s ability to pay rather than their perceived wealth, we will be able to finally move away from a property tax collection system all eliminate them once and for all.

  • 1% Sales Tax for every County to reduce school district property tax millage rates until they are eliminated – by referendum.
  • Allow every local government to switch to an earned income tax (EIT) or personal income tax (PIT) with the requirement they reduce their property tax millage rates by 30% through a revenue neutral tax swap. School districts must do this if the voters within the county approve a 1% sales tax.
  • Local governments who switch to an EIT or PIT will not be allowed to increase their property tax millage rates.
  • Allow every local government to eliminate or reduce their property taxes through EIT or PIT or provide a maximum constitutional homestead/farmstead relief through an EIT or PIT increase.
  • Allow all local governments to create special tax units when reassessments create higher assessments with in a small subgroup due to new construction or refurbishing dilapidated areas.
  • Comprehensive reassessment reform to ensure assessments are fair.
  • Expand the delay in assessed value on properties to new residential construction and remodeling.

Protecting Taxpayers

It is always easier to spend someone else’s money. I fully believe state tax dollars are OUR money and will continue to scrutinize every penny that is spent. Fraud, waste, and inefficiencies must be eliminated to ensure tax dollars are properly being spent on core governmental functions.

  • Prevailing wage elimination/reform.
  • Right to Work.
  • Steel Procurement Act elimination/reform.
  • Continue weeding out fraud and waste in the Department of Public Welfare to ensure those in need receive benefits.
  • Reduce the waste in the Department of Corrections.
  • Block grant Dept. of Education funding by student population.
  • Ask the administration to get waivers from the federal government to block grant funding to county governments.
  • Illegal immigration reform.
  • End “Taj Mahal” school building construction.
  • Continue to provide mandate relief to all local government entities.
  • Reduce the number of members of the House of Representatives.
  • Pension Reform.

©2012 State Representative Seth Grove - 196th District
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